Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Thanks for visiting NotIntaGuinta.org.    We want to be your site for factual, thoroughly sourced information on Representative Frank Guinta.   And we want to have some fun while we're doing it.

Breaking News 11/3/2012:  AP reports what NotIntaGuinta.org readers knew a month ago:  There's no evidence Frank Guinta's job fairs produced any jobs, and some evidence that Frank Guinta is lying about it.   Update:  The one source quoted as hiring at Guinta's job fair turns out to be a bigwig Republican and Guinta's partner in his jobs initiative, as I detail in
Fishy Source Claiming Guinta Job Fair Placements.

Voting Pep Talk

It's election day.   Don't forget -- if you're a US citizen living in New Hampshire, even as a college student, you can walk into your polling place on election day, register and vote.   It's your right.   Nothing bad will happen to you.   Students, the Tea Party dominated state legislature is trying to scare you into thinking you'll have to register your car or get a new license, but you don't.   The bad thing happens when you don't vote, and the Republicans who want to keep you from voting ever again get elected.   You don't need ID, but show it anyway.  Do it!  Vote!

The Presidential Election

I discuss a report that appears to undermine the rationale for Mitt Romney's entire economic plan in Highly Respected Congressional Research Service Debunks Romney's Economic Plan.
 I did another infographic: Stock Market, Last 24 Years, Dems vs GOP.  I'm finding that when you inject objective reality into the discussion, Democrats win.

I examine the history of successful businessmen who became president.  It's not a pretty picture, and it does not bode well for Mitt Romney's performance.   Check out Businessmen Presidents: Picture of the Day 2012 10 22.

Representative Frank Guinta's Failings

Frank Guinta's $355,000 loan to his campaign of money he doesn't have
Frank Guinta is running for reelection by pretending he's not in Congress.   If I had his record I would too.
Frank Guinta's misleading attack on Carol Shea-Porter
Frank Guinta's job fairs are just photo ops.    I also cover how he abuses the taxpayer funded mailing privilege, and calls his work bipartisan without actually being bipartisan.
Frank Guinta is OK with violence against some women

Frank Guinta - Tea Party or Not Tea Party?

You can find a list of ideas for more posts here.

Poking Fun At Representative Frank Guinta To Make a Serious Point

Frank Guinta's Plan For America - Congressmen Fix America Themselves

Presidential Election Debate Notes

Back of the Envelope Debate Math
Veep Debate Fauxto Essay

Photoshop Fun and Learning

I Loathe 47%
Frank Guinta's Plan For America
Veep Debate Fauxto Essay
Ryan Raises Debt
Everything in the banner above is from a news source linked from a post on this site (except the joke I just put in the presidential candidates' mouths).

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