Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ryan Raises Debt: Picture of the Day 2012 10 06

You may be surprised to learn that the Ryan Budget, passed 4/15/2011, does not end deficits or reduce debt in the next 10 years.   That's not according to me reporting on a study I read about on Michael Moore's blog.   The projections about what the Ryan Budget does to the debt apparently have to, by law, be included as part of the Ryan Budget bill itself.   Here I cut the bill up and paste it onto a lightened picture of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.   The source of the debt figures is the bill itself, which makes them tough to challenge.

Our own Frank Guinta played a special role in the birth of the Ryan budget.   He provided the crucial swing vote making it 19-18 to get the bill out of committee.

The Ryan budget will (if enacted) kill 4 million jobs in the next two years, according to Fox News.  Thanks, Frank!  Forbes reports the Ryan budget wont be in balance until after 2040.    

It's never been about reducing debt with Republicans.   It's about giving tax breaks to rich folks.

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