Monday, October 1, 2012

I Loathe 47%: Picture of the Day 2012 10 01


Photoshopped Picture of the Day - October 1, 2012

I've recently tried my hand at producing graphics relevant to the 2012 campaign.   Generally I start with a photograph I find on the net, use Photoshop to manipulate the picture somewhat, and then to add text.   In my latest one, I combined those two steps into one.  I'll post more as time goes by.

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Here's the original.   In 1968, Mitt Romney was on this beach in France instead of one in Vietnam due to a special Mormon deferment.  I personally think avoiding the Vietnam war was a pretty good idea, so I don't begruge Mitt his deferment.  It's worth pointing out though that in 1966 Mitt actually joined a campus demonstration in favor of the Vietnam war draft (great photo in the Daily Mail).  Then he used his special Michigan Mormon Missionary deferment to avoid the draft.  Mitt's two patterns were already apparent in the sixties:  effortless flip flopping, and exploiting rules available to the select few.

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