Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Shawn O'Connor Misrepresents Carol Shea-Porter's Campaign Pledge

I prefer to concentrate on the spectacularly awful Frank Guinta as opposed to the moderately questionable Shawn O'Connor.  But Mr. O'Connor has told some whoppers in this campaign that should not go unchallenged.  

For example, on facebook Shawn is issuing "Fact Checks."  This one, #2, claims Carol is taking PAC money contrary to her pledge.  He invites readers to check for verification.

But Carol Shea-Porter's pledge was to not take corporate PAC money. confirms she has not taken corporate PAC money.

Mr. O'Connor states Carol cannot be trusted, but by his clear misrepresentation of Shea-Porter's pledge demonstrates he is the one who cannot be trusted.   NH voters do indeed deserve the truth.

I made this graphic which gathers the relevant pages.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Vote Shea-Porter

To the editor:

I urge all to vote for Carol Shea-Porter for US Congress.  Rep. Shea-Porter has always represented New Hampshire values honorably.  She is a reliable vote for expanding the economy, supporting education, keeping our promises to veterans, ensuring women's rights, shepherding clean energy, affordable health insurance, protecting Medicare and Social Security and much more.

Since summer 2010, Carol Shea-Porter has been sounding the alarm about then candidate Guinta's illegal campaign loan of $365,000.  For five years, Rep. Guinta has forcefully and repeatedly called Shea-Porter a liar, saying the loan never happened and the investigation was complete.  Carol was 100% vindicated in May 2015 when the FEC punished Rep. Guinta for the illegal contribution. The conservative Union Leader's editorial read in full: "Frank Guinta is a damned liar."  Had the FEC ruled before November 2014, surely Shea-Porter would be our representative today.  Republicans should be ashamed they renominated Frank Guinta this cycle.

Furthermore, please do not support independent Shawn O'Connor.  As a Forbes subscriber, I've always considered Mr. O'Connor's columns rather right-leaning.  Now he's opportunistically jumped on and off the Bernie bandwagon.   I told Mr. O'Connor I would contribute if he won the primary.  Instead he dropped out after an ugly fight where he bizarrely and falsely claimed a prominent Democrat's restaurant had rats. It would be a grave embarrassment to district one if Mr. O'Connor drained votes to the point where Rep. Guinta was reelected.  Let's avoid that and elect Carol Shea-Porter.

- Dean Rubine, Lee