Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Shawn O'Connor Misrepresents Carol Shea-Porter's Campaign Pledge

I prefer to concentrate on the spectacularly awful Frank Guinta as opposed to the moderately questionable Shawn O'Connor.  But Mr. O'Connor has told some whoppers in this campaign that should not go unchallenged.  

For example, on facebook Shawn is issuing "Fact Checks."  This one, #2, claims Carol is taking PAC money contrary to her pledge.  He invites readers to check for verification.

But Carol Shea-Porter's pledge was to not take corporate PAC money. confirms she has not taken corporate PAC money.

Mr. O'Connor states Carol cannot be trusted, but by his clear misrepresentation of Shea-Porter's pledge demonstrates he is the one who cannot be trusted.   NH voters do indeed deserve the truth.

I made this graphic which gathers the relevant pages.

Click to enlarge

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